Orchid Vendors

Fred Clarke at Sunset Valley Orchids


This is our number 1 pick for several reasons. First, he is close less than 40 minutes from us so we can go and easily pick out
what we want. Second, his orchids are top quality, healthy, and Very reasonably priced. Fred is also a great guy. He has a lot
of stuff not on his website so you can always call and ask what else he has.

Sam Tsui at Orchid Inn


Sam has an amazing selection of Paphs and Phrags and other orchids. He is a great selection for his numerous choices, large plants, healthy and great prices. You just can’t go wrong ordering from Sam. We have ordered from Sam and will continue to in the future. He also sells flasks.

Tom Kalina at Fox Valley Orchids


We have ordered from Tom and received good orchids for a fair price. We would not hesitate to order from him again.

Botanical Gardens

The Huntington.


If you are in the LA area this is a must go to. We are members and enjoy the Huntington very much. Be sure to check out the Tropical Gardens. That is where you will see the orchids.

National Club

The American Orchid Society.


Self-explanatory. A great organization we support and belong to. If you are serious about orchids you will benefit from this organization. They also have gear webinars.

Local Clubs

Orange County Orchid Society.


We are members of the OCOS and actively participate each month. Local clubs are a great resource or mentoring and getting local info.